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tinkerbell_preview from autumn casey on Vimeo.


The piece overpowers. To watch it is to watch the mind swim back to the shore of youth, and almost make it. Go see it.” – Hunter Braithwaite – The Miami Rail – 2014 
Primary is excited to announce that Autumn Casey’s “Elysian Fields” is now included in the permanent collection of the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). Originally screened during her solo exhibition at Primary, “AGALMA” in 2014, the film will be available for viewing as part of the “Dream Light: Selections from the PAMM Video Art Collection” programming from February 25 – March 29, 2016.
Over the course of five weeks, PAMM will screen a series of single-channel video artworks in the museum’s auditorium, presenting one video per week on a continuous loop during open hours. The selected works share nonlinear narratives and surrealistic imagery, displaying effects that range from the ethereal to the phantasmagoric. In evoking the act of dreaming, each video underscores how artists have used moving pictures as an experimental means with which to probe subjectivity and explore the intricacies of psychological experience. The series serves to highlight the importance of time-based media within the context of PAMM’s growing collection. Casey’s piece will be accompanied by films from Luis Gispert, Youssef Nabil, Raymond Pettibon, & Carrie Mae Weems. 
Viewing Times for “Elysian Fields” | Thursday, March 24, – Tuesday, March 29, 2016  | Running time of 16 minutes, 23 seconds
A very special thank you to George Sánchez-Calderón for helping make this project a reality.
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“Elysian Fields” features an elderly woman siting in a chair in the middle of a field, shoulders bare, flowers in her close-cropped hair, singing to Frank Sinatra. She is the artist’s grandmother: former showgirl, current Alzheimer’s patient. Nowadays, she’s only truly herself when she hears the songs of her youth. She emotes, she puckers her lips, she still has beautiful eyes. Sometimes the lyrics flood back. Sometimes she forgets them and you see frustration come across her face like a curtain. Through it all Casey’s camera stays close, shifts in and out of focus, heaving.
The piece overpowers. To watch it is to watch the mind swim back to the shore of youth, and almost make it. Go see it. Sometime after the 16-minute run time, you’ll come to, exhausted, realizing that what you’ve been watching has repeated itself. Then you’ll get up and leave. Just out of the room, you see an old portrait of that same woman, beautiful and crisp in that mid-century way. Which one is the shadow of which? 
– Hunter Braithwaite – The Miami Rail – October 2014