Images from Third Hand Mary At Emma Geller Green

Gemini , or two headed rope girl
From the group show, Third Hand Mary at Emma Geller Green, NYC ,  curated by Sara Blazej :
Autumn Casey’s post-production practice draws from a collection of objects and images, mass produced and singular. For Third Hand Mary she pairs her old clothing with figurines, heirlooms and items of cultural detritus to create “fashion displays” that play on the fantasies of feminine glamour perpetuated by commercial media and the fashion industry. These works redefine the use-value of soft goods and question the psychological narratives created by their advertising.


Some footage from recent Snakehole Tour / we crossed the country and back in 23 days:
At Venable in Richmond; https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=yOI0qv9dJ6Q&app=desktop

It was the summer of cupcakes,
Recent hanging Chandeiler included in the show, Most Inclined at Space 1026, Philadelphia

And a Poem/ Collage

This Friday And Saturday ::::::